Mark Powell’s Amazing Biro Pen Envelopes

Who knew drawing on the back of old envelopes with a black pen would be so cool?
Mark Powell did.

Powell, who is based in London, primarily focuses on portraits of the elderly, capturing not only the intricate details of aged faces, but also the forgotten beauty of vintage envelopes. From these astounding pieces, it seems that Powell is not only creating eye-catching work, but also preserving the forgotten allure of vintage postage and envelopes.

“[Powell] has been on an absolute tear the past few weeks, cranking out new portraits every few days, so I couldn’t resist sharing a few more with you. Powell executes each drawing with a standard Bic Biro pen using stamped and faded envelopes that traversed the European postal system more than a century ago” (Christopher).

Check out more of his work (which I HIGHLY recommend) at and let me know what you want to see this coming week by commenting and subscribing to my blog!!



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