Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed In You

Okay, okay! Since we are being different this week, you know that I had to go all out. I might as well take advantage of it right? Anyways, I was looking around today trying to find something new and different to write about in my blog, and was having ZERO luck. But, because I am trying to post things that I normally wouldn’t, I figured that this would be the perfect time to mix things up. I find that these pictures are technically art, even though they are more funny than anything, and therefore have grounds to post them on my site.

This just so happens to be for all of you who are disappointed that it’s only Tuesday. The below photos showcase animals who are also disappointed, only this time because of you.

See more disappointing photos here!

Now go enjoy your visual (& funny) hearts out!

This sea turtle is wondering why you didn't just do the dishes after you'd finished your meal.

Here's a cat who genuinely doesn't understand what your deal is lately.

This rabbit feels like you always leave her out of your plans and she is beginning to wonder whether it mightn't be deliberate.

This Boston terrier wants to know why you only really apply yourself at work a couple of days out of the week.

This cat doesn't think you are as clever as you think you are.

This otter is disappointed that you never finished Infinite Jest.


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One thought on “Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed In You

  1. Jessie Lea Pingle says:

    Hahaha! Love it!

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