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Chad Person’s Money Collage

Hello my dear followers! I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter and got at least one day to kick your feet up and relax! Over this past weekend I finally had the opportunity to show my family my blog (hello, mom!) and have really been thinking about the direction it’s headed… What do you all think? Are you enjoying the posts? Is there anything you would like to see? I’m just so curious… Well anyways, I hope the following post excites you, enjoy eating your visual hearts out!

If you have any extra cash lying around (HA!), this feature is for you! Today’s installment was created by Chad Person, and while I would love to tell you about it, I feel as if Person does a much better job. Here is his story and journey in creating “TAXCUT.”

“In 2002 I was teaching digital photography at a University near an Air Force Base. I’d had several talented and creative soldiers come through my class. And while I tend to forget the bad students pretty quickly, Harold is one I would always remember.

Three semesters after the course ended I got a phone call from an administrator at the base. Apparently, Harold had used Air Force money to take the class. Since he had failed my class, the cost of the tuition (around $400 with fees) was to be reneged. This meant that Harold would have to repay the military out of pocket so they could reassign the funds elsewhere.

In a time of war, we all need to make tough choices. I chose that day to change a grade, passing a failed student with an A+ to ensure that his tuition fees – which had fortunately found their way into education via a defense allocation, would remain there. He didn’t deserve to pass based on his performance, but I saw it as a rare opportunity to take a little back from our government’s excessive defense spending, even if it might have been just enough to halt the purchase of one box of ammunition.

This series, playfully titled TaxCut, functions in much the same way. I have been destroying currency for my work for the past two years. As a professional artist, I deduct my material expenditures as a write off. If I slice up a hundred dollars to make an image, or a thousand, or just five, I am taking it out of the IRS coffers. Imaging the weaponry that I’m not buying with those dollars is a reminder for me that a little creativity can be quite empowering” (Chad Person).

Click on the above link to see more of Person’s work. Enjoy!

&& some extras from one of Person’s different money collages!!

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